Highlights from the Press Conference Today – 9/6 New report released by the Visit of Greater Palm Springs on expanding COD’s hospitality and culinary program’s recent downsized plans by 60% of the West Valley Palm Springs Campus at the old mall site

BREAKING NEWS! A report released today, commissioned by the Visitor Greater Palm Springs, recommends COD nearly triple the size of its planned culinary and hospitality instruction space in Palm Springs to 30,000 square feet as hospitality remains the number #1 industry in the Coachella Valley.

The impetus of the study was commissioned by the Visitor Great Palm Springs because our community is very concerned that since Superintendent/President Martha Garcia took her position last summer, has dismissed the original plans after raising $577.86 millions dollars in bond measure capital in 2016 without any explanation.

Keep in mind, the West Valley Palm Springs campus at the site of the old mall has a $345 million budget, including $280 million for Phase I.

George Kors, Counsemember of the City of Palm Springs, commented that “COD officials could not explain the rationale behind the cost estimates or the decisions to downsize the campus when they met with city leaders behind closed doors at an August meeting.” Kors added that “COD officials could not answer questions related to who came up with the plans, how the costs were estimated, when the plans were developed and who approved them.”

“There was no public meeting, no information. It just materialized as if out of thin air, but, of course, it can’t be out of thin air,” he said.

While COD’s Phase I design only shows 10,000 square feet, the report is recommending 30k net usable square feet – midsize program with high-end programing. (45K sq. ft. gross is the estimate)

• 3-4 culinary labs/kitchens with adjoining classroom space.

• One demonstration kitchen

• 2-4 classrooms (25-40 students)

• Restaurant (100 to 250 capacity) (not a student café, should be a full-service restaurant) probably 100 or less is more realistic.

• Banquet Room (100-250 capacity)

• Bakery/Café • Creamery

• Wine and Beer Cellar Management Lab

They are not recommending a learning hotel as originally planned, however, internships are being recommended.

The areas of focus for degrees and certificates often offered by culinary and hospitality programs are summarized below.

• Hospitality Management

• Baking and Pastry Management

• Tourism Management

• Culinary Management

• Event Management

• Food and Nutrition

• Resort Management

• Luxury Hospitality Management

“For a Coachella Valley program, a robust certificate and associate degree program tied to the needs of area hotels and resorts of all scales will be important.”

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