PALM DESERT — The question for some College of the Desert leaders isn’t so much what did they know and when did they know it, but better, what did some know and why did they not disclose it?

In less than two months, questions have shaken the offices of President Martha Garcia, Trustee Rubén AríAztlán Pérez, Trustee Bea Gonzalez, and Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez. Make no mistake. Questions are circling others, too.

One of the biggest questions surfaced this month at the Board of Trustees Meeting for Desert Community College District. Trustee Joel Kinnamon publicly stated that he and his husband, Chris Parman, were visited in at their home by two special investigators from the District Attorney’s Office “wanting to talk to me about any potential crime related to land deals in Coachella.”

The pair of investigators were from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Public Integrity Division.  They wanted to meet with Kinnamon and Parman regarding, “We want to preface our intrigue with the issue of the proposed land deal for a campus in Coachella.”  They visited Kinnamon and Parman on Aug. 5, 2021.

Kinnamon also alleged that a prominent county elected (official) contacted the interim president to talk about the East Valley and to discuss shifting resources of the East Valley.

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