The tide is now shifting since the last couple of years that Superintendent/President, Dr. Martha Garcia took her position. Her lack of transparency and attempt to pause the Palm Springs Campus and Cathedral City Roadrunners program created an uproar in the community, along with a lawsuit filed against COD last September from the City of Palm Springs for not providing supporting documents that are in violation of state’s public records act.

It is not surprising that Dr. Martha Garcia is looking for a new position, just two years into her role as COD Superintendent/President. Garcia has been named one of five finalists for the top job at Mt. San Antonio College.
We expect more to follow as the “unveiling” continues.

In less than two months since Dr. Joel Kinnamon took his position in District 4; COD has been highlighted and exposed for the following:

A complaint filed with the State Attorney General’s Office requesting prosecution of criminal misuse of public resources for political purposes and is requesting prosecution.

An investigation of a violation of the Brown Act, is in process in regard to closed meetings by the former COD Leadership and discussions to move bond money to the eastern end of Coachella.

College of the Desert Board members are planning to act on a resolution to “conduct comprehensive forensic audits” due to concerns over campus development projects throughout Coachella Valley as well as “vulnerable and inefficient.” To include, why the new schematic proposal for the Palm Springs Campus cost is now over $2,000 a square foot, more than the cost of the Acrisure Arena.

An effort to recall Bea Gonzalez, who represents area 2 for siding with efforts to move bond money to Coachella, By opposing the West Valley campus, she voted against her own constituents.

A call for a censure process against Trustee Rubén Pérez for his questionable comments that occurred in last December’s board meeting calling out the biggest media outlet has been “racelighting” and accusing faculty, staff and administrators a “cesspool.”

To obtain more information and resources, public documents and more, visit the UKEN Report recent article.

We believe that the Promises were made to our community, and Promises were Broken. 

Our organization is here to support our community to keep our representatives accountable.

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