Desert Sun 4/12 – COD adjunct faculty call for vote of no confidence against board of trustees. Here’s why (subscribers only)

Adjunct instructors at the College of the Desert have called a vote of no confidence against the school’s four trustees: Bea Gonzalez, Joel Kinnamon, Ruben Perez and Bonnie Stefan.

COD Adjunct Association President Catherine Levitt says the symbolic vote is a result of concerns over how the board has handled personnel matters related to two counselors.

As of Wednesday evening, Levitt said over 200 adjuncts have voted in favor of the vote of no confidence and fewer than five had voted against it. COD has over 350 adjunct faculty members. The vote of no confidence, a symbolic action to try to persuade the board to heed union concerns, began earlier this week and theoretically could continue until the board is scheduled to meet on April 21.

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