College of the Desert Is Wasting Your Money.

  • It takes COD students four years to earn a two-year degree.
  • For too many years, COD leadership has promised solutions, but the solutions never come.
  • In both 2004 and 2016, Desert Community College District voters approved $947 million in bonds to build and improve COD campuses in the Coachella Valley.
  • COD leaders promised a new Palm Springs campus would open in 2022.  This project has been abandoned.
  • COD leaders promised the new Roadrunner Auto Tech School in Cathedral City.  This project has been cancelled.
  • Needed Mecca campus improvements have been abandoned.
  • COD’s focus and our resources to new plans for a Coachella campus – with no public input!

Who is to blame?

  • New COD President Martha Garcia and the new leadership of the COD Board of Trustees have broken the promises made to Coachella Valley voters, taxpayers and students.
  • COD leaders have thrown away up to $60 Million on these cancelled projects – with NO accountability.
  • Coachella Valley students have lost essential education assets and opportunities.
  • Community College District taxpayers continue paying to support these misused COD bonds.

What is the solution?

  • Stop the COD Trustees and President Garcia from using COD as their political hostage.
  • Demand accountability of our COD leaders.
  • Make COD leaders reveal what they have done with the millions they have wasted and the millions they are shifting to pet projects to buy political power.
  • Replace the COD Trustees and President Garcia with leaders who respect the needs of our students and the trust taxpayers have placed in COD.
  • Restore COD as an essential educational asset in the Coachella Valley and our local economy.

Let your voice be heard!

Join Promises Made – Promises Broken, a coalition of Coachella Valley students and taxpayers fed up with the failures of COD leadership.

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