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Promises Made, Promises Broken is group of concerned residents of the Coachella Valley. 

Valley students don’t have the education resources they deserve.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit watchdog organization which is shining a light on the failures of College of the Desert to provide the needed campuses, classes and resources for the students of the West Side of the Valley

Our goal is simple – accomplish opening the campuses COD leadership promised, and for which taxpayers are already paying, so our students can learn.

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We want to thank the UKEN REPORT for their tireless investigative reporting to seek the truth and justice for our community. Please consider a donation to the UKEN REPORT to help support their mission as they strive to be the most authentic, respected online news and marketing platform in the Coachella Valley.

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Help Coachella Valley students get the campuses and classes COD leadership has promised – and taxpayers are paying for.

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