Promises Made – Promises Broken, a coalition of East and West Coachella Valley students and taxpayers fed up with the failures of COD leadership, have lobbed one of the first advertising salvos as the trustee race gears up for the Nov. 8 election.

The group has had a billboard erected on the highly visible Dinah Shore Drive. There is no mistaking the blunt message as would-be students hang outside the fence of a vacant lot.

“Our intent is to raise flares about an issue that most people wouldn’t normally follow,” Bruce Hoban, a spokesperson for the group, told Uken Report. “The message is that a vast majority of the bond money has been spent in Palm Desert and to the east. What happened to the campus in Palm Springs? We have 27 acres of vacant land.”

Desert Superintendent/President Martha Garcia first said a feasibility study needed to be done, Hoban said. She subsequently found the feasibility study that had already been done. Then, according to Hoban, she said it needed to be updated and that would be done by end of June. No such study surfaced.

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